New Age for Aussie Imperialism (reply to rachel E.)

Michael Hoover hoov at
Sat Sep 25 07:06:58 MDT 1999

> Shay's rebellion a.k.a. the Whiskey rebellion.

Separate rebellions:

Shay's Rebellion (named for one of its leaders, Daniel Shays) was 1786
insurrection by angry western Massachusetts farmers to prevent fore-
closure of their property by creditors.  Armed rebels (many of whom
were revolutionary war veterans owed back-pay for their service) seized
county courthouses, disrupted debtors' trials, and freed debtors from
jail.  They were eventually put down by state militia paid for by
private funds (gee, I wonder which class put up money).  Shay's
Rebellion is generally viewed as catalyst for 1787 constitution and
stronger national government.

1794 Whiskey Rebellion, reminiscent of colonial protests against Britain,
occurred in response to 1791 congressonal legislation that imposed tax
on whiskey (guess-timates indicate that US adult in early years of the
republic imbibed, on average, six gallons of hard liquor per year).  A
test of the national government's authority (and the political state's
role as guarantor of class rule), President George Washington exercised
first use of 'command-in-chief' powers when he called up militia of
several states *and* physically led troops that crushed Pennsylvania
uprising.   Michael Hoover

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