Repyling to Marta

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Sat Sep 25 08:15:42 MDT 1999

Greetings Comrades,
    Gary MacLennan calls Marta stupid in this comment:

Gary (Friday September 24, 1999)
The DSP's actions are mainly stupid and in case you
ask, Marta, yes I do know a lot of stupid people and I am inclined to
classify your good self with them.

Is Marta also schizophrenic because you say so?  Or is Marta Deaf because
you say so?  What specifically is denial to do with stupidity?  Can you be
in denial and smart?  You seem to conflate your chauvinism about your area
you live in as opposed to Marta who lives in another country entirely, with
what Marta wrote.  She pointed out you used outrageous comments to describe
your political foes, and her remarks have not a thing to do with your local
provincial politics.  But all you meant as you yourself write was the folks
you disagree with, 'denied the reality', and then as a rhetorical device 'by
the way anyone that disagrees with me is "stupid, schizophrenic, deaf" etc'.
 In doing that you lunged for someone you felt was just the perfect
illustration, your son, the schizophrenic, to role model your view of a
disabled person.  I presume in other circumstance you love your son, but you
seem to feel very righteous about using him to demonize your opponents, and
tell us you understand disability well enough you can use disability to
characterize someone else.

Let me be clear, being deaf is not about denial of reality.  You don't have
to have a clue about the experience of disability just because your son is
schizophrenic.  Do you?  Tell me about schizophrenia as schizophrenics get
discriminated against, and if you don't know a thing, then keep your
comments about schizophrenia to yourself?  And if you do I would be mighty
surprised you would drag your son into the argument as a means to show us
you understand how disabled people are treated, but my opponents are
"psychotics". There is not a single posting of yours before where you wrote
about the bigotry your son feels against him because he is schizophrenic.
Your opponent is "stupid" because they disagree with you does not constitute
understanding what it means to be stupid?  Since you don't have any
precision or realism about these things such as deafness, such as
schizophrenia, your reply to Marta was disgusting, but to be clear this is
what you wrote:

Now re your query on psychosis - yes I have a son who suffers from
schizophrenia, so I do know a deal about psychosis.

My use of the term psychotic was influenced by the fact that the DSP's
continual denial of reality struck me as almost psychotic. Since your
organization claimed this great victory over Howard.  He has gone up in the
polls.  Since his defeat by your organization he has announced the
formulation of the 'Howard Doctrine' where as he put it Australia would be
America's "deputy" in this region. Since his defeat by your organization he
has talked about introducing conscription.  Since his defeat by your
organization he has foreshadowed cuts to welfare and education to fund the
increased military spending required.

That was hell of a defeat the DSP inflicted on him.  I wish the Left could
have a similar kind of defeat.

But on reflection I agree with you. To call the DSP psychotic is an insult
to the mentally ill.

Yes your insulted your own son, because you are not conscious of the
attitudes you have about disability.  Marta pointed out with good reason,
you are anti-disabled in your phrasing.  Which you could think about and
reflect upon without going on in a rage back at Marta.  What has any
disability got to do with disagreeing with someone?  What has stupidity got
to do with it?  Please can we find some way to continue this conversation
without any further reference to how disabled people are the root of all
your problems.

Is that clear?
Doyle Saylor

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