Aust Imperialism attempts to wriggle off the hook + pacifism ( replyto Russell G)

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Sep 24 18:49:36 MDT 1999

>>Have you lost it Paul?  How can you draw an analogy between fights for
better conditions for workers which sometimes win concessions, and asking
(demanding you call it) imperialist armies to defend the Timorese?  A better
analogy would be asking (demanding) one factory owner to help striking
workers at another factory win a strike against their employer. <<

Just so. If the capitalists hire a goon squad to try to break the strike,
would the workers be "out of their minds" to demand  that the capitalist
state, its police and army repress that illegal terrorist militia?

When the Blacks of the U.S. South demanded that federal troops be sent to
break the resistance to desegregation, were they "out of their minds?"

When Blacks in Boston demanded federal troops be sent to stop anti-Black
terror and enforce school desegregation, were they "out of their minds?"

All of those situations have actually happened in the United States. What
should revolutionaries have done?



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