Musical Tastes and the CIA

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Sep 22 17:38:30 MDT 1999

How are things Mark?

I have been a bit busy with the Timor thing but now that we have delivered
such a terrible defeat to the Australian Army and the Imperialist ambitions
of the Howard Govt I will be able to get back to my first love - Kulchur.

Lou's review of Ken Loach's _Joe_ was reprinted in our Neighbourhood News
and it was very good.  Raises the tone of our humble publication a great deal.

As for youself being a "filthy socialist realist" - never.  I can spot a
working class boy made good any time.

fond regards


At 19:11 22/09/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Schnittke-schmittke. The real problem is that for once I half agreed with
>Paul. However, Lulu IS listenable and watchable, and one of Schnittke's
>thingies is quite good too. (he was Soviet of course, so much for
>Drat, it's a bit much being slagged off by Gary Mclellan for being a filthy
>socialist-realist and then having to put up with this accusation of being a
>closet formalist. Or what?
>> Paul F. wrote:
>> >Mark Jones wrote: < Schnittke was financed by the CIA? Well, well.
>> >That's an absolute revelation, Paul. Absolute revelation. >
>> >
>> >I didn't actually say that. I was commenting on his music, which, like
>> >Berg's, I find unlistenable. He is not mentioned in Stonor-Saunders'
>> >book.
>> I think Mark was just kidding. He, like me, can't stand those smiley
>faces. ;-)
>> Louis Proyect
>> (

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