The Australian government didn't want to send in troops to East Timor. Theywere forced to do it...

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Sep 24 14:59:29 MDT 1999

Julio Fernández Baraibar wrote:

> I agree, Macdonald.
> Of course I am not going to cry for the mass killer Pinochet. But I don´t
> give my support to the United Kingdom and the spanish justice to judge him.

There is a (perhaps apocryphal) anecdote about Lenin that illustrates
beautifully Julio's double point here. The story goes that when news
arrived of the assassination of some member of the Czar's family,
Lenin said, "Good Show!" but then immediately sat down to write
an attack on the politics of individualist terrorism. We can privately
say "good show!" at whatever happens to Pinochet but must keep
the political focus that Julio and Macdonald present.


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