Progressive Unity, was Re: Australia, East Timor, & Conscription

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Sep 24 15:41:12 MDT 1999

Julio Fernández Baraibar wrote:

> Excuse me. Did I miss something? I do understand neither the content nor the
> tone of your mail, Louis.
> Julio F.B.

Lou and I disagree over what we disagree on.

He claims we disagree over foreign policy and history. I claim we
disagree over the subject of empiricism.

I remain convinced that the disagreements between him and me are
(as I said in the original post) "contradictions among the people,"
and while I will continue, when appropriate, to attack empiricism
(defined here as the view that facts speak for themselves) I am
not going to fight with Lou.

Lou himself for years, as part of his polemic against "Zinovievism" has
argued that philosophical disagreements (and public expression of
same) should not be a matter of party discipline -- i.e. that comrades
should be able to disagree vigorously over philosophical issues without
ceasing to be comrades.

And of course the minimal principles I proposed were not intended to
be maillist rules but rather take-off points for long range discussion and

In any case Lou may be indulging in an elaborate joke, first declaring that no
lines will be drawn on this maillist and then proceeding to draw one with a

"First of all, there will be no lines drawn on this mailing list, number
one. Number two, after listening to your nonsense for the past few days,
I'd line up with whatever side you were opposed to. Call that unprincipled
combinationism if you will, but you've got my dander up."


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