Australia and imperialism

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> By the way Australia
> exports capital in significant amounts. For = instance,
> they are australians capitals that had invested in the
> open = mine Bajo La Alumbrera in Catamarca Province in
> Argentina, the greatest = mine project in my country.

Not only the largest, but also the most colonialist ever
devised. The lode was known from long ago, it was known as
the Capillitas area, or the Farallon Negro area. The guy
who discovered it made the rights belong to the University
of Tucuman. Decade after long decade, the imperialist
mining interests sought to undermine the patriotic will
underlining this decission (I am not sure, but I think thatthe
ownership of the mining rights was shared by the heirs of
the discoverer, the national state, the provincial states
of Tucuman and Catamarca, and the University of Tucuman).
In the meantime, lots of shit were poured from the
"specialized" press on the diverse projects (Mina
Capillitas, Farallon project), describing it as
uncommercial and utopic. The projects, of course, involved
industrialization and refining _on the spot_ or at the
nearby city of Tucuman (thus providing a new industrial
destiny to a great town that was being taken to asphyxia by
the crisis of sugar).  Once Argentina became a non-country,
foreign (Aussie) capitals poured in. They mounted a
mammooth mining complex, only that the complex included a
concentration plant, a long mineral pipe line (I do not
know how to say "mineraloducto" in English) to Tucuman,
where it is put aboard freight trains to Rosario and
therefrom exported as raw material for further (and
essential) processing in the core countries (whether in
Australia or not, I am not sure of).

The other mining project where the Aussies are showing
their long imperialist fangs is the Cerro Vanguardia mine,
in Santa Cruz province on the south end of Patagonia. By
contract, they will take all the gold there and then go
away. This will take some forty years. The province will
get some money from the operation, but the gold will have
left the country for good. And I do not know what price
will gold get when the unavoidable financial crisis bursts.

The Aussie bourgeoisie may know better. One should not be
ashamed to live in an imperialist country, one should just
fight the imperialist bourgeoisies. The own one, first of


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