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At 08:01 AM 9/24/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Gary MacLennan wrote:
>> Paul,
>> This is the dialogue of the deaf.  I simply cannot debate matters out with
>> people whose position is so plainly close to pyschotic.
>Do you know any deaf people??  Are they psychotic?This is an example of
>outrageous slander against a whole class of persons - the deaf, in case you
>hadn't noticed.
>I know plenty of deaf people and believe me, they know how to dialogue.
>Marta Russell

OK  Marta.  I withdraw the allegation about the dialogue of the deaf which
as you point out might hurt deaf people.  Yes it is wrong to compare the
experience of attempting to communicate with democratic centralists with
dialoguing with deaf people.

How then to encapsulate that experience?  Perhaps one should turn to
genetics and cloning to find an analogy.  Let us try this:

I say [A] to Clone One.
Clone One replies with [X}
I say [B] to Clone Two.
Clone Two replies with [x}.
I say [C] to Clone Three.
Clone Three replies with [X]......

In this case [X] = 'We the DSP have had a great victory over Howard.'

Now re your query on psychosis - yes I have a son who suffers from
schizophrenia, so I do know a deal about psychosis.

My use of the term psychotic was influenced by the fact that the DSP's
continual denial of reality struck me as almost psychotic. Since your
organization claimed this great victory over Howard.  He has gone up in the
polls.  Since his defeat by your organization he has announced the
formulation of the 'Howard Doctrine' where as he put it Australia would be
America's "deputy" in this region. Since his defeat by your organization he
has talked about introducing conscription.  Since his defeat by your
organization he has foreshadowed cuts to welfare and education to fund the
increased military spending required.

That was hell of a defeat the DSP inflicted on him.  I wish the Left could
have a similar kind of defeat.

But on reflection I agree with you. To call the DSP psychotic is an insult
to the mentally ill.  The DSP's actions are mainly stupid and in case you
ask, Marta, yes I do know a lot of stupid people and I am inclined to
classify your good self with them.

Gary MacLennan

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