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Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at
Fri Sep 24 19:31:38 MDT 1999

Jose writes:
>Just so. If the capitalists hire a goon squad to try to break the strike,
>would the workers be "out of their minds" to demand  that the capitalist
>state, its police and army repress that illegal terrorist militia?

>When the Blacks of the U.S. South demanded that federal troops be sent to
>break the resistance to desegregation, were they "out of their minds?"
>When Blacks in Boston demanded federal troops be sent to stop anti-Black
>terror and enforce school desegregation, were they "out of their minds?"
>All of those situations have actually happened in the United States. What
>should revolutionaries have done?

You are talking about people in an imperialist country, calling on their
own government to take action.  (In any case, my view is that the workers
would be much better defending themselves in all the cases you mention

However, this is a different situation from people in an imperialist
country calling on their government to take action by sending their army
into a Third World country.

Still, perhaps you think Trotsky was wrong and he should have got his
supporters to demand League of Nations intervention in Abyssinia against
the Italians in the 1930s.

Jose, defending Aussie imperialism in East Timor does not become you.

Philip Ferguson

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