Reactionaries Hitting Reactionaries

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Fri Sep 24 18:09:18 MDT 1999

El 25 Sep 99 a las 0:11, Paul Flewers nos dice(n):
> The best thing for Pinochet would be if some victim of his
> regime, or a friend or relative thereof, went in and blew
> him away. Now that would be justice.

You are a moderate man, Paul. If this happened, Pinocho
would have ended his life as a martyr and eventually may
aspire at sanctification within some centuries by the
Catholic Church. The only, actual, final, and true justice
is to blow away the Pinochet Chilean State, that is the
current Chilean State, and the inheritance Pinochet left to
Chile, that is the current agreement between the "Left" and
the Christian Democrats. And long live Pinocho to shed his
tears for the undoing of the work of all his life.


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