Australasian Imperialism and East Timor

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Sat Sep 25 08:25:46 MDT 1999

El 25 Sep 99 a las 12:54, Philip L Ferguson nos dice(n):

> Both Australia and NZ rapidly gained some colonies of
> their own - getting hold of former German possessions, for
> instance, after WW1.

The comparison with Australia and NZ is for us Argentinians
very important. But there are also funny things. The
military government that was ruling Argentina after the
1943 coup (and the final outcome of which were the 1946
elections that brought Peron to power) kept neutral during
World War II (much to the satisfaction of Great Britain, by
the way, since they did not want German submarines to
attack Argentine meat travelling Northward across the
Atlantic). But when the war was actually over, the military
declared war on the Axis. They thus gained all the benefits
of belonging to the winner side without any of the losses.
Among the benefits was the nationalization of all German
property in Argentina, which formed one of the mainstays of
the nationalized enterprises and our national trading

We did not get colonies from Germany, but we got seeds for
our industrial development. Since this development,
regrettably enough, marched against the interests of USA
and Britain (unlike that of NZ and Australia), Argentina
was considered a Fascist country.


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