Reactionaries Hitting Reactionaries

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Sat Sep 25 01:11:07 MDT 1999

Carrol Cox wrote: < We can privately say "good show!" at whatever
happens to Pinochet but must keep the political focus that Julio and
Macdonald present. >

Too true. I would not lose any sleep if Pinochet was sent down for five
years, but I would not call upon the bourgeois state to deal with him.

It's like when one bunch of reactionaries deal with another. Stand back
and watch the fireworks, but don't forget that whoever wins, we're their
real target.

If the state prosecutes, say, fascists, I'm not going to defend their
right to publicise their material, nor would I call for their release on
the grounds of their being political prisoners. But I would not consider
it to be a victory for the working class, as laws against fascists can
easily be turned against us.

The best thing for Pinochet would be if some victim of his regime, or a
friend or relative thereof, went in and blew him away. Now that would be

Paul F

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