The question of FARC murdering indigenous peoples

fajardos at fajardos at
Fri Sep 24 22:50:21 MDT 1999

It sure is a shame about NACLA going the way of Mother Jones, although
in view of NACLA's coverage of Central America in the 80s, it is a much
greater loss than MJ.  But it's not like one couldn't see it coming...

As for the FARC, if indeed they are the armed wing of the Communist
Party of Colombia --one can never be too sure of how close the
relationship is even when it is acknowledged-- there is an interview by
Marta Harnecker with several leaders of the PCC, titled "Combinacion de
Todas la Formas de Lucha."  It has been published in various places, but
the edition I have read was from Editorial La Quimera, Quito.  I do not
believe it has been translated.  I recommend it to those who can read

There is also a volume from the same series of interviews which contains
the interviews with the leaders of the Union Camilista-Ejercito de
Liberacion Nacional (UC-ELN), "Unidad Que Multiplica."


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