FW: [PEN-L:12052] China's post-1400 technological stagnation

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Long live Cravenism ! and Jim Craven too.


>>> "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at clark.edu> 09/30/99 02:31PM >>>

Hi Charles,

Need to talk to you about some legal advice on some land grabbing going on
at Browning; I'll give a call.

Thanks for the thoughts but I must say: "Je ne suis pas un Cravenist". If
someone were twisted and sick enough to publish the selected or collected
works of non/never-Chairman Jim, I'm afraid they would find comments no
leftist should make that are far worse and damning than anything Marx wrote
and said; and if they reviewed my life, they would find transgressions no
leftist should do far worse than screwing the housekeeper "on the side".

Jim C.

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