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>Anyone know owt about this?
>>We the monitored have decided to stand up against the very real, very
>>intrusive, and ultimately oppressive global surveillance system known as
>>Echelon. Echelon is a vast mainframe set up by the New World Disorder in
>>order to monitor the world's electronic communications for subversive
>>keywords. Every time you send someone an email with keywords like
>>"revolution" and "hacktivism" [for instance], Echelon's computers make a
>>note of it. If you forward emails with regularity with words on Echelon's
>>extensive keyword list, you may be marked for human "hands-on" monitoring.
>>On October 21, 1999 , netizens around the globe are implored to send out
>>least one email with at least 50 keyword words. You need not be privy to
>>knowing exactly what words Echelon uses. It is safe to assume that words
>>such as "revolution" and "manifesto" and "revolt" [etc.] will work. Just
>>sure to sound as subversive as possible. There isn't even any need to
>>a cohesive paragraph or sentence. Echelon's computers does not understand
>>the language anyway. It only knows to look for certain words. By doing
>>we can at least temporarily jam the global surveillance system.
>>This day of action will be timed to preceed Stop Police Brutality Day by
>>one day so that emails about actions can be sent out with little scrutiny
>>due to what will already be an enormous workload for Echelon.
>>Now is a chance for anyone, regardless of computer expertise, to become an
>>instant hacktivist - best of all, no software is needed [other than your
>>regular email program].
>>Of course, feel free to conduct such subversiveness any time. The larger
>>Echelon's workload, the more free our speech.
>>After October 1, we ask global netizens to merely stop censoring
>>for fear of spooky scrutiny. By merely deciding to speak in the spirit of
>>unabashedly subverting the DOMINANCE paradigm, we will make it quite
>>difficult for Echelon to do its job.
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