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Wed Sep 29 15:18:07 MDT 1999

Rostislav Dormidontov wrote:
Russians dwelt on the coasts of the White and Barents Seas since ancient
times. After the middle ages they became known as `pomor',
They were courageous sailors The took their frail barks to hunt for
sea-creatures, sailing east as far as Spitzbergen. From among the pomors
came the great Russian scientist, Mikhail Lomonosov. The descendants of the
pomors even today may be found on the coasts of the White and Barents seas,
living much the same lives as did their ancestors..."

Now, I don't know if this interests you but:
The sister of my great-grandmother, Åslaug Paulson, was engaged to the
Russian polar explorer Aleksander Kutsjin. Aleksander Kutsjin was involved
with smuggling Bolshevik literature to Czarist Russia. He was of pomor
heritage, from Onega. Onega has always had a special relationship with
Norway. They say "Oneshii kak norweshii" (Onegans are like Norwegians.). I
Bergen he met my great-great-grandfather, Andreas Paulson, who was a
prominent social-democrat (you know, pre-1914 soc.-dem.) an literature
critic. He was involved with the Bolshevik literature-shipping. Now,
Aleksander and Åslaug got together, and got engaged. Aleksander went on
to join Roald Amundsen on his expedition to the South Pole, as the only
non-Norwegian. Later he went on expeditions in the Arctic, where he

After the revolution the contact was lost between my family and Onega. But
in 1987 we got a letter from a Soviet scientist who had tracked us and
Kutsjin's family down. We were invited to celebrate the centenary of
Kutsjin's birth in his hometown, which was great.

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