Marxist journal `Links' on the national question

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Sep 27 18:00:53 MDT 1999

>Norm Dixon -- a name that will be familiar to Green
>Left Weekly readers -- opens the issue with “Marx,
>Engels and Lenin on the national question”. The
>article, based on a talk to an educational conference
>of the Democratic Socialist Party, begins by discussing
>the bourgeois revolutions of 1848 in Europe.

Don't let this be known beyond the list, but "Norm Dixon" is the 'party
name' of a young man named Green Left Parramatta, the son of two Italian
immigrant hippie-radicals in Australia strongly influenced by Toni Negri's
autonomist Marxism, who posts here frequently. They named him "Green Left"
despite the objections of their own parents, two stolid Italians in the
olive oil export-import business. This was their version of the sort of
thing that was popular in the 60s, as in Moon Unit Zappa, etc.

Louis Proyect

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