interview with Istvan Meszaros

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Sun Sep 26 16:43:40 MDT 1999

> He seems to say that prior class
>societies such as feudalism and slavery are just rather primitive forms
>of the capital system, but that their logic leads ultimately to
>capitalism which is the most refined form of exploitation ever devised.
>His conclusion is that the capital system must be thoroughly rooted out
>if humanity is to have any chance to survive.
>What do others make of Meszaros's ideas?

  I don't know of him but what you've said, but by this I agree;
though to define ancient societies by the yard stick of capitalism is
a historical mistake that wrecks understanding with conscientous
ideal bias.

  The lines you describe by him sound good, ancient societies share in
common with captialism in that they have consistently been moving
forward towards redefining and strengthening class distinctions.
Capitalism is certainly the most effecient system of exploitation
ever created, which is the result of more effiecienly managed class

  His conclusion is well stated, but something not enough Marxists
take seriously enough in their pursuits.


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