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João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Mon Sep 27 17:39:41 MDT 1999

Julio Fernández Baraibar wrote:

> > As we know, Marx's daughter Laura was married to Paul Lafargue, a
> > mulatto from Haiti (or is it Cuba?).
> No, he was not a mulatto. Paul Lafargue was born in Cuba with indian, frech
> and jewish blood in his veins. But he always was called "Blackie" by Marx
> and all the family, included Engels.

I dont' have references at hand and you are no doubt right about this.

Marx's inner circle had some very exclusive and intense affective/intellectual
understandings. Particularly, issues of race and tone of skin were one of their
private jokes. If Marx and Engels may have had their mild prejudices, the
second generation was ultra-liberal, even vanguardist in this kind of
questions. I think it is unthinkable that Engels, the quintessencial gentleman,
would indulge in vicious racist outbursts in his correspondence with Laura

João Paulo Monteiro

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