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Tue Aug 1 07:51:59 MDT 2000

forwarded by Michael Hoover

>  >Subject: To Women of Puerto Rico and the World
> >Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000
> >
> >Committee Pro Rescue and Development for Vieques
> >SRA Maria Elena Navarro (Helen)
> >Gladiola Street, Bo. Esperanza
> >Vieques, Puerto Rico. 00765
> >Tel/Fax 1 212 531-1835
> Puerto Rico 1 787 741-3461
> >E-mail josejmelendez at aol.com
> >
> >T0: You women of Puerto Rico and the World
> >
> >From: Viequenses Women in the Rescue for Peace in
> Action
> >
> >Our generation should be the wall of contention
> between a rigid demarcated past and a safer future.
> Today we, the women of Vieques, Puerto Rico, find
> ourselves in the midst of a dilemma. Our beloved
> island Nena is drowning in a sea of disadvantage and
> oppression. We, the viequenses' women feel the pain of
> not been able to give birth in our own island of
> Vieques, because that right has been taken away by the
> US Navy. The pain of seeing our husbands and sons
> risking their lives challenging the most powerful war
> machine in the
> >world, the United States Navy. The fishing industry
> is our sole source of income and without it, our
> livelihood we cannot survive.
> >
> >We are suffering because our children are being
> forced to abandon this island municipality of Puerto
> Rico, like refugees in the night, because there is no
> possibility of economic future for them on the island.
> We are suffering because in each family there are two
> or more cases of cancer due to the rampant toxic
> contamination of our Island by the Navy. The economic
> stranglehold, socially, physically and morally is
> ignored by the landlords of power and terror. But we,
> like all human beings have the Right to Life, liberty
> and the pursuit of Happiness. This is why, we, the
> women of Vieques, Puerto Rico have awakened and are
> now standing on our two feet.
> >
> >We are making a call to all women not to ignore the
> suffering of your sisters and brothers from Vieques.
> For in the future you don't feel guilty and sid "I
> didn't know what was happening down there." Don't
> close your eyes and ears, much less your heart to the
> clamor of our Vieques Island. Shout to the world; you
> have heard the cry of the people from Vieques. Don't
> become an accomplice to the immoral and physically ill
> treatment of your sister and brothers, son and
> daughters, grandparents and ancestors in the Nena
> Island.
> >
> >We, women of today, are witnesses to the devastation
> of the Navy's presence in Vieques, Puerto Rico. We ask
> all other women to understand our oppressed situation
> and help us struggle against it. We are on the right
> path for peace and justice, do not ignore your
> responsibility to protect areas of the world that are
> threatened by the harassment's and abuses of power
> from the military.
> >
> >We need women throughout the world to hear our cry
> for peace in Veques, Puerto Rico. Take responsibility.
> Make a commitment to join in solidarity. Don't
> participate in the genocide the US war machine, the
> Navy, is engaging in against our humble and
> defenseless country, knowingly, converting, themselves
> into promiscuous violators for the peace that God had
> thought us.
> >
> >Our role in this struggle is to use our will to
> provide a better tomorrow for Peace for the next
> generation. Moreover, we have been giving the sacred
> task to put in our children hands the seeds our
> ancestors and parents for 60  years have been
> harvesting. We call upon you, to fertilize the seeds
> sooner than later so that Peace will be a reality in
> our lives!
> >
> >The one that dares plant a seed in her or his heart,
> and has faith, trust and the perseverance needed to
> struggle, can visualize at the end. . .THE REWARD!
> >
> >Get the Navy out of Vieques Now!
> >
> >Write or call President Clinton and let your voice be
> heard
> >202 456-2896       202 456-2889             202
> 456-6594
> >fax: 202 456-6707    and tell them to "Get the Navy
> out of Vieques Now!"
> >
> >Women throughout the World should read this letter.
> Reproduce it and translate in any language. Send it
> around the World.
> >
>   Any donations in cash or checks should be
> send to       Viequenses Women In the Rescue For Peace
> in
> >Action      SRA. Maria Elena
> Navarro     Gladiola Street,
> Bo. Esperanza
> Vieques, Puerto Rico. 00765

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