[L-I] Re: Turkey and Islamic Capitalism (with an addenda on the Balkans)

Mark Jones jones118 at SPAMlineone.net
Tue Aug 1 09:38:28 MDT 2000

 Nestor  dijo:
> The results, as could be expected, are always the same: after the
> old, "domestic", colonizing "power" is set aside, true colonialism
> appears.

This is the exact definition of the state of mind and state of existence of the
ex-Soviet masses, who substituted one set of remote, overbearing, out-of-control
authorities for another distinctly more genocidal, utterly, fathomlessly, remote
and completely lawless authority (the law of value). Incidentally, I'd like to
thank Jose for his remarkable posting about how the Nicaraguans succumbed to the
same poverty-inducing, massacring blandishments of value. Soviet-era Moscow had
its 'valuta' hard-currency stores, too. They were like disease-ridden bogs, the
source of pestilence. Ordinary people were not admitted. Black-marketeers gathered
like clouds of flies outside them. Black Volgas drove up discharging Communist
Party apparatchiks (grey in grey) or 'valutnaya' hard currency whores (all spandex
and lurex glitter). Inside where accumulated piles of all the useless crap the
planet is dying for.


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