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                            Green Left Weekly,
                               Issue #414
                             August 2, 2000

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


The human genome project has created the potential for enormous scientific
advances which could benefit the whole of humanity. Instead, under
capitalism, it will create an economic, legal and ethical nightmare.


 * Corporate piracy and genetics
 * Ethical dilemmas


 * PALESTINE: Camp David signals PA leadership's capitulation
 * HONG KONG: Who's who in the green movement
 * HONG KONG: Socialists run in elections
 * HONG KONG: Unions fight for higher wages, democratic rights
 * SOUTH KOREA: Growing calls for revision of US troops' status
 * SOUTH KOREA: Workers step up protests against repression
 * UNITED STATES: Race and class -- Big Brother is at it again
 * WESTERN SAHARA: Morocco blocks independence poll again
 * PHILIPPINES: Protest rallies violently dispersed
 * RUSSIA: Gazprom Vega workers contaminated by radiation
 * INDONESIA: Protests commemorate 1996 crackdown
 * Message from Indonesian peasants' union
 * INDONESIA: Australia quietly resumes military aid
 * Spotlight on Indonesia
 * EAST TIMOR: Militia threat continues
 * AUSTRALIA/CUBA: solidarity activist acknowledged
 * CUBA: A million people march against US blockade
 * CUBA: Combating sexism
 * Cuban women warmly welcomed
 * DEBT RELIEF: much ado about nothing


 * How real are reforms to the `international financial architecture'?


 * Government health policy reinforces corporate power
 * Services for released women desperately needed
 * Greasing the wheels of capitalism
 * Privatisation: irrationality gone mad
 * Gary Gray
 * The growing razor wire empire


 * Protests build as asylum seekers grow desperate
 * No mandatory detention for asylum seekers
 * Rules on refugee services criticised
 * Planned US rocket base in WA sparks opposition
 * Police: selling Green Left is `suspicious behaviour'
 * Jobs threatened by market testing
 * BHP should `put money where mouth is'
 * DETYA staff reject non-union agreement
 * News briefs
 * Howard and Burke strike rotten deal -- again
 * Global action conference an important step forward
 * Thousands march against racism -- again
 * Three more S11 groups formed
 * `Angry voices' against imperialism
 * Students plan activist left tickets
 * Hiroshima Day to launch new anti-nuclear coalition
 * Cuba solidarity in Hobart
 * Council tries to close Aboriginal Tent Embassy
 * High school walkout against N-dump called
 * Protest over plantations


 * The mellowing of Linton Kwesi Johnson
 * The Diplomat
 * Valuing humanity and nature
 * When the oppressed express themselves
 * Pilger online
 * S11 street theatre
 * Social action conference planned


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