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I knew and worked with Joe Flexer and Mitch Podolak for many years in many
actions in Manitoba from 1968 through the 1970s until I left Canada. He was
a principled and tireless servant of the working class, extremely conversant
with Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist writings, a very basic and honest person,
very much a Jew and also principled on the question of Zionism versus
Judaism and had a delicious sense of humor and irony.

This notice brings me a great deal of sadness and I will light sweetgrass in
his memory tonight. The oppressed of many nations have lost a friend,
comrade and ally with Joe's death.

Jim Craven

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Dear Marxism List comrades:

I pass along the enclosed in memory of my comrade Joe Flexer, who
died yesterday. For some time, I've worked with Joe within the
Socialist Caucus of the New Democratic Party (Canada's Labour Party),
as well as within Socialist Action. Joe was one of the best examples
that I've known of an "organic" worker-intellectual -- a shop floor
militant and consistent communist.

Comradely greetings,

Tony Tracy


Dear comrades and friends,

It is with the greatest sadness and the deepest regret that I must
inform you that our comrade Joseph Flexer passed away at about 3
p.m., Eastern daylight saving time, in Toronto, Ontario. Joe was 67
years old when his new heart failed him, about six years after
receiving a transplant.

Joe was a revolutionary communist to the core, an unparalleled
internationalist and a remarkable worker militant and unionist. For
decades he was a dedicated activist in the Canadian Auto Workers'
Union, a leader in his plant and in Local 112, and a respected
national figure in the CAW, and across the workers' movement which he
loved, from Palestine to North America.

Joe was a founder and federal Co-Chair of the NDP Socialist Caucus, a
movement he embraced optimistically and to which he gave unnumbered
months of devotion and activism.

Socialist Action, and the world Trotskyist movement, mourn the loss
of one of our central leaders, an extraordinary Marxist thinker,
writer, educator, story-teller, humourist and agitator. Joe will
never be replaced, but his example will forever inspire us to
continue the class struggle for the socialist liberation of humanity.

Information concerning a gathering to celebrate the revolutionary
life of Joseph Flexer will be issued as soon as possible.

Messages of solidarity and condolence should be sent to
<barryaw at>, or to Socialist Action, 517 College Street, Suite
234, Toronto, Ontario M6G 4A2. Phone: 416 - 535-8779 .

In solidarity,

Barry Weisleder
Editor, Socialist Action newspaper
barryaw at

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