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Tue Aug 1 20:06:02 MDT 2000

>is not the case.  The racially oppressed population is the Indo-Fijians,
>who are virtually banned from owning land (clip)
>Philip Ferguson

Phil, we really need to deep digger into the social reality of Fiji. This
complaint about not being able to own land must be weighed against other
factors, particularly the rather lax nature of the 30 year leases in
operation. Most of the land that was owned by the Native Land Trust Board
was leased out on what you might call anti-Shylockean terms. Deryck Scarr
points out that on May 14, 1987 a typical holding of an Indian lease-farmer
would produce 3 tons of rice, worth Fiji$ 1000. This very same land was
leased for Fiji$ 23.33 per 3 ton producing hectare. What is 23.33 over
1000? Just over 2 percent, that's what. No wonder Indo-Fijian leaders K.C.
Ramrakha and C.A. Shah proposed that the leases be extended for 99 years,
if not perpetuity, in 1987.

Louis Proyect
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