AW: Request to mailing list Crashlist rejected

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 2 08:10:20 MDT 2000

>Dear Comrades - I am really bored with this crashlist spam mails. It seems
>to be impossible to gt of this list - I ever subscribed to it, I never gave
>my consent to b put to it! Is there aywhere out there who can hep me to ge
>of this hook I neve swalowed?????

I think that Mark made a serious error in subbing people to Crashlist
without their permission. Revolutionary politics, including mailing lists
based on the promotion of same, must be on an entirely voluntary basis. My
suggestion to him is to start from scratch with the 44 or so people who
were subbed to CrashList-talk and build from that.

Louis Proyect

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