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Wed Aug 2 08:58:17 MDT 2000


Kurt Llozky did not complain when his work was forwarded with my own plaudits to
the Crashlist. He was happy enough to have his work promoted, evidently. He did
not complain about receiving the carefully-vetted posts which came via the
original, moderated Crashlist. Now he is complaining. He is not a member but
continues to complain. There is a history to his complaints, but I can't be
bothered to relate it. Fuck him, is my considered opinion.

You may take the view that there is something wrong with the politics behind the
Crashlist. I really don't give a damn. It has more subscribers than this List
does, and the number is growing. Those who want out, know what to do. There are no
compromises. Crashlist is an open, unmoderated forum. It is now a high-volume
list. That's how I like it. Presumably  you don't. So you also know what to do.


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> >Dear Comrades - I am really bored with this crashlist spam mails. It seems
> >to be impossible to gt of this list - I ever subscribed to it, I never gave
> >my consent to b put to it! Is there aywhere out there who can hep me to ge
> >of this hook I neve swalowed?????
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >
> >Kurt
> I think that Mark made a serious error in subbing people to Crashlist
> without their permission. Revolutionary politics, including mailing lists
> based on the promotion of same, must be on an entirely voluntary basis. My
> suggestion to him is to start from scratch with the 44 or so people who
> were subbed to CrashList-talk and build from that.
> Louis Proyect
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