AW: Request to mailing list Crashlist rejected

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Wed Aug 2 10:54:33 MDT 2000

but, hey, isn't it normal that when you send an administrative request to any
list, it will be rejected. If were to unsubsribe from marxism list, I would
send  my request to majordomo at lists. (or whatever), not
marxism at lists. Are  administrative and mailing addresses the same in
crashlist? I am sure you could have unsubscribed, if you had followed the
procedure. if you want the moderator to unsubscribe you, this is another thing,

not to steer up the discussion. just an opinion.

au revoir..


Kurt Lhotzky wrote:

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von:    crashlist-admin at
> [SMTP:crashlist-admin at]
> Gesendet am:    Mittwoch, 02. August 2000 15:36
> An:     kurt.lhotzky at
> Betreff:        Request to mailing list Crashlist rejected
> Your request to the Crashlist mailing list
>     Posting of your message titled "unsubscribe"
> has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
> following reason for rejecting your request:
> "Please do *not* post administrative requests to the mailing list.  If
> you wish to subscribe, visit
> or send a
> message with the word `help' in it to the request address,
> crashlist-request at, for further instructions."
> Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator
> at:
>     crashlist-admin at
> Dear Comrades - I am really bored with this crashlist spam mails. It seems
> to be impossible to gt of this list - I ever subscribed to it, I never gave
> my consent to b put to it! Is there aywhere out there who can hep me to ge
> of this hook I neve swalowed?????
> Regards,
> Kurt


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