AW: Request to mailing list Crashlist rejected

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Aug 2 10:59:46 MDT 2000

Xxxx wrote:
>but, hey, isn't it normal that when you send an administrative request to any
>list, it will be rejected. If were to unsubsribe from marxism list, I would
>send  my request to majordomo at lists. (or whatever), not
>marxism at lists. Are  administrative and mailing addresses the
same in
>crashlist? I am sure you could have unsubscribed, if you had followed the
>procedure. if you want the moderator to unsubscribe you, this is another

The problem is that the info page listed in each Crashlist message does not
really provide for unsubscribing. You need to supply a password, which
apparently people were not ever supplied. Not only is it wrong to sub
people without their knowledge, it doubly wrong to make unsubbing so
laborious. I should add that Mark just unsubbed from the Marxism list.
Although he is a close friend and somebody I regard as one of the deeper
thinkers on four continents, I had to take exception to his functioning
around Crashlist. It does not give revolutionary politics a good name when
you have dozens of people over a span of days complaining bitterly about
being put on mailing list without their approval and then making it
difficult for them to unsub.

Louis Proyect

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