The Dotted Lines: Australia and Indonesia

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Wed Aug 2 12:36:29 MDT 2000

When a painter draws a picture where one side has firm, heavy and dark
lines to one side of the composition.    And then the lines begin to
fade and get thinner, followed by dots farther and farther spaced out,
in a fainter and fainter manner to the opposite side of the work.
Well it does attract attention.

Max was very clear and forthright about the need to immediately
dismantle the Indonesian military, a military that provides a certain
barrier to Australian penetration into the region.

But to the opposite side of his portrait of imperial oppression one came
across dotted lines?      Was there a call to dismantle the Australian
military hidden in there somewhere?    Curious.    That's all.

Alan Bradly wrote
<Max has spent decades documenting the perfidious role of the Australian
state in southeast Asia. He has proved time and again that it
consistently acts against the interests of the Australian working class,
(which are the same as the interests of the working classes in
Indonesia, the Philippines and so on).

He has shown that the Australian state is an enemy of the Australian
working class. Does he really have to join in the dots?>

From: Tony Abdo
I assume Max is an Australian citizen.   So I am somewhat interested
in why he does not also call for the dismantling of the Australian
security forces.     Wouldn't this be the best way to actually go
about dismantling the Indonesian security forces?     The article
mentions a flow of money, by way of the Australian military to the
Indonesian military.

Yes.. Yes.. I know, that 'ordinary Indonesians.... are crying out for
Western goverments not to continue to give political legitimacy to the
TNI'.     And they probably haven't asked that the Australian
security forces be disarmed?   Still.....   Maybe Max should take
the intiative here for them?     Has he done so on other occasions,
and called for the dismantling of the Australian military?

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