[L-I] Re: Turkey and Islamic Capitalism (with an addenda on the Balkans)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Tue Aug 1 09:54:12 MDT 2000

Lou Paulsen wrote:
> The 'colonial relationship' would exist if the northern republics were
> sending capital in AND extracting surplus value.  Yugoslavia in fact spent
> lot of money on development projects in Kosovo, and in fact there was a
> of improvement in the standard of living, but the standard of living in
> north improved as fast or faster, so the gap did not close.
> The big problem they faced, it seemed to me, was that they were using a
> 'market socialism' system rather than a system involving central planning.
> This had the unfortunate effect that, although they were sincerely trying
> develop Kosovo, the laws of the capitalist market had an ongoing tendency
> pull the money back out again.

I think you are contradicting yourself. You are denying surplus value was
extracted in Kosovo at the same time you admit capitalist market relations
'pulled the money back out'. I think it does not matter what the individual
intentions of the Yougoslav bourgeoisie were, but what actually happened.


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