Call for release of Philadelphia prisoners

Workers World, Chicago Bureau wwchi at
Thu Aug 3 14:44:19 MDT 2000

>This is a quick update on the situation in Philadelphia and on the
>conditions inside the Roundhouse Prison where most arrested have been
>There are now up to 100 demonstrating outside of the prison.  150 inside it
>are on a hunger strike.  For people giving their names, bail is being set.
>For those giving John and Jane Does as names, they're being sent to the
>Prison Industrial Corrections Complex across the street from Holmsberg
>Prison  . It is estimated that 70 have been
>On conditions inside the Roundhouse Prison, we have read and heard of
>reports that :
>1)  For at least 10 hours yesterday, there was no
>2)  Bathroom "privileges" were suspended for awhile.
>3)  lawyers were being restricted access to clients and individuals jailed
>were told their lawyers had not come to see them.
>4)  Lawyers weren't being told by authorities who was incarcerated at the
>5)  reports of police and guard violence against some prisoners.
>6)  reports of 8 held in isolation, those identified as organizers and
>facing more serious charges.
>7)  medical needs of some are not being met.
>8)  a very slow arraignment process, with judges not allowing some lawyers
>to be present.
>9)  Some bails are being set at up to $100,000 or higher.
>A call has gone out for people from around the country to contact the
>following people:
>Mayor John Street 215-686-2181
>Deputy Commission Mitchell (in charge of Demonstrations) 215-686-3364
>Captain Fisher (head of Civil AFfairs) 215-685-3684
>Chief Maxwell (Head of Criminal Investigations) 215-686-3362
>Police Commissioner John Timoney 215-686-3149 or 215-686-3388
>City Council President Ann Verna 215-686-3442
>or 215-686-3412 and 3413.
>Mayor's Chief of Staff Stuber 215-686-7508
>Roundhouse Jail 215-686-1776 or 215-685-8574
>Demand or encourage the following:
>1)  Immediate access to lawyers
>2)  Speedier arraignments and release
>3)  Drop the charges
>4)  Not separate any individuals or put into isolation
>5) Equal treatment for all imprisoned
>6)  Full access to healthcare--medicines--food and bathroom use
>7)  End harassment of legal observers.

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