Fucking Governor Bush, I'm Going To Kick His Ass

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Thu Aug 3 14:45:06 MDT 2000

Wow!     This is ZERO TOLERANCE!      An anti- Bush protester is
arrested and then labelled insane by the press.

Please help defend this man by sending a postcard to Governer Bush at
the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas.

The simple message...... Fucking Governor Bush, I'm Going To Kick His
Ass..... should be an effective way of getting your message of
solidarity across.

In Solidarity, Tony Abdo
AUSTIN (AP) - A homeless Austin man remained in jail Wednesday for
allegedly shouting threats at Texas governor and Republican presidential
candidate George W. Bush's empty Governor's Mansion last weekend.

Winfred Ener Jr., 44, is accused of yelling threats at the governor's
white antebellum mansion while walking past it Saturday. He was in
Bastrop County Jail on a charge of making a threat to a presidential

According to a federal arrest affidavit, Ener shouted, ''(Expletive)
Governor Bush, I'm going to kick his (expletive)'' and then fled before
law enforcement officers could catch him.

Secret Service agents spotted Ener Sunday across the street from the
Statehouse, about a block away from the mansion, and he was taken into
custody and questioned. He was arrested after reportedly becoming
violent and knocking holes in the walls of the Secret Service's downtown
Austin office with furniture.

Ener is scheduled to go before a judge for the charge, which carries a
maximum 3-year prison sentence, on Thursday.
During a Secret Service interview, Ener said he walked past the mansion
but did not yell.

It was the first threat in Austin against Bush as a presidential
candidate, who was away on a three-state campaign push through Missouri,
Kentucky, and Ohio during the alleged yelling on Saturday, said R.L.
Smith, head of the Secret Service in Austin.

Ener's court-appointed federal attorney Bill Ibbotson declined comment
saying he hadn't seen the case and had yet to talk to his client.

A spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington, D.C. declined to
comment on the case, but said agents have zero tolerance for any threat
against the service's charges.

``Threats against any of our protectees are taken very seriously,´´
said John Tomlinson, spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington,
D.C. ``It is a zero-tolerance investigative mandate. We don´t have the
luxury of armchair quarterbacking a threat.´´

Tomlinson declined to release the number of threats against Bush or his
opponent vice president Al Gore. ``We get a variety of threats from a
variety of sources and each one is aggressively investigated,´´ he

Most threat investigations center on the individual's mental health and
their proclivity toward violence, Smith said. During an interview, Ener
allegedly told agents he had been involuntarily committed to a Waco
mental hospital and been arrested often for protesting.

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