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Title -- 2884 FIJI: Trade union leader threatened
Date -- 3 August 2000
Byline -- None
Origin -- Pasifik Nius
Source -- PN, Fiji Sun/Daily Post 3/8/00
Copyright -- PN/FS/DP
Status -- Unabridged

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SUVA: Four men claiming to be from Fiji's nationalist Taukei Movement
threatened the life of trade union leader Felix Anthony and locked him
in his office for an hour during yesterday's national day of peace and
democracy, the Fiji Sun reports.

Anthony, general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, was
roughed up and threatened in the presence of some policemen, and an hour
later the People's Coalition Lautoka office manager was also threatened.

The group of Taukei members, police officers and soldiers reportedly
entered the coalition office and threatened manager Subash Verma forcing
him to close the office.

Anthony told the newspaper that at least four men, who said they were
from the Taukei Movement, pushed him around and locked him up in his
Lautoka office for an hour. He was not injured.

He said the men threatened his life and warned that he would be harmed
if he continued his calls for restoration of democracy and law and order
in the country.

"They asked me to cease my campaign for the national day of peace and
democracy. They also told me not to say anything against the President
and the members of the interim government," Anthony said.

Anthony added that police intervened an hour later and took him to the
police station for questioning.

The military and police later denied that police and military officers
had accompanied the people who made the threats.

The Daily Post reports that two police officers were "inhumanely
tortured" by supporters of rebel leader George Speight in Korovou,
Tailevu, during the parliamentary siege after rebels seized the town
from police and the military on July 8.

"The policemen were stripped naked, made to lie on the cement floor and
had iced-water mixed with refuse thrown at them for about four
continuous days and nights at the Korovou Police Station cell block,"
the paper said.

"Both policemen were hunted down like animals on July 10 before they
were led to their work place, which ironically turned out to be their

The Daily Post and both other national daily newspapers also reported
serious injuries to nationalist leader Iliesa Duvuloco, who was a key
supporter of Speight.

"Staunch Speight supporter Duvuloco is nursing broken ribs as a result
of his resisting arrest by soldiers in Korovou on Tuesday," the Daily
Post said.

"The firebrand nationalist, who is admitted at the Colonial War Memorial
Hospital in Suva, is expected to join his rebel partners on Nukulau
Island soon."

Hospital superintendent Dr Salimoni Tuqa said Duvuloco suffered
fractured ribs but was in a stable condition.

Duvuloco was one of seven people on the military "wanted" list after the
rebels left the parliamentary complex on July 19 and camped at Kalabu

Two other men on the list were also arrested on Tuesday. George's
brother "Commander Jimmy" Speight and Varinava Tiko were also expected
to be taken to Nukulau Island.


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