Fiji (re political representation)

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Aug 3 19:00:17 MDT 2000

Lou Paulsen writes:

>Then you say that the Indo-Fijians "have been consistently kept out of
>political representation."  This is false in relation to the 1990

Lou, of course, the Indo-Fijians are kept out of political representation.
Every time a party whose main voter support is Indo-Fijian wins an election
it is overthrown by the military!!!

You can't get more kept out of political representation than that!

Moreover, the FLP has clearly attempted to work with and involve
Melanesian-Fijians.  This can hardly be said for the main Melanesian-Fijian
political forces, which strongly tend towards exclusivism.

You cannot advance the cause of the Melanesian-Fijians by denying
fundamental democratic rights to the Indo-Fijians.  This is a programme for

Philip Ferguson

Philip Ferguson

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