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Thu Aug 3 21:00:36 MDT 2000

Phil wrote, to Lou Pa. :

> What I said was that the Melanesian-Fijians are NOT racially oppressed as
> Melanesian-Fijians.  This is patently true.  There are no laws, nor social
> practices, which exlcude Melanesian-Fijians on the basis of race.
> There are, however, a range of laws and social practices which exclude
> Indo-Fijians.  Land ownership is one.  Equal political rights is another.
> Property rights and political rights are decisive matters, not peripheral
> issues, so this exclusion is extremely important.
> The oppressor in Fiji is imperialism and the system that it put in place
> there.

I simply wanted to make one comment, to both here, and also to Louis
It is really remarkable and an invaluable resource to see two comrades who
have an absolute grasp of the fundamentals (in this case, the relationship
between Fiji and Imperialism, sanctions, etc) and still being able to move
beyond debating the nature of the dynamic in its basic sense, and move right
into the *concrete* on the ground important issues. There is a lesson here
that 99.99 % of what calls itself "theory" can learn: Simply throwing about
slogans as to what the line should be is useless.

Two comrades dealing *beyond* where most get stuck. Pure beauty.

My compliments to you three, for making this forum exist in such fluid
fashion. Now Phil: Get your butt over to L-I!

Macdonald Stainsby.

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