brave new world

Robert Jailall robmaster at
Thu Aug 3 21:06:28 MDT 2000

watching this republican convention reminds me of Brave new World, or an old computer
game called Syndicate.

Most people used to think that business and government were seperate. Now government
is being killed by business.

and im not just talking about campaign finanace. we all kow about that.

but just look at bush's campaign. it's an AD campaign. This guy is pure image and no
substance. It doesnt even matter that his platform is typical conservative BS, most of
it borrowing from reagan and reaganomics, which has already failed.

even if everyone knew the facts, it wouldnt matter, because all bush (and gore for
that matter, he just sucks at it) is doing is selling a happy face. no more. he's
selling himself like a product, just like any business.

who benefit's when bush gets sold? not the voter, only business and others who
financed his campaign.

this is just like brave new world or Syndicate where corporations are really the
government. the corporations fill the role of what gov does now, but without the
checks governments should have.

i dont understand why idiot conservatives and libertarians believe private means
everyone and that "private" is good. we all know that. "private" is just another black
box like government.

too bad ideology doesn't amtter anymore, just marketing. have people become so stupid?


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