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That losing hope will lead to the destruction of humanity is the final
message of the "hibakusha", the atom bomb sufferers in their statement at
Hiroshima which concludes Thursday"s  news.  They say that is the lesson
that day taught them.

I have missed three days this week, Tues.-Thurs., due to the business of
living - a necessity train trip to Prague and a two and a half day stay in
the beautiful Sumava forests with my wife and her friends.  Meanwhile the
friends in Japan have been concentrating on making the Third Millennium's
first anniversaary of the use of nuclear weapons to destroy humans a
decisive step in their elimination and for the survival of all humanity.  I
will send all three of the days I missed, plus today, Friday, when it

It is to their great honor that the democratic forces of Japan have never
wavered in demanding abolition of nuclear weapons as incompatible with
human life and in emphasizing their own government's responsibility in
starting the war of aggression.  It remains for us, as the nation which
produced the weapon and used it against cities full of people, to recognize
our responsibility, the more that we have produced enough to destroy all
life and threaten the "preemptive" use of it.

It occurred to me that I even have small credentials in this.  Fifty years
and four months ago, I was discharged by the Ford Motor Company for
circulating the "Stockholm Peace Petition", first of its kind, calling for
the outlawing of nuclear weapons.  This was before Britain, France, Russia,
 China, Israel, and now India and Paklistan had nuclear weapons.  This
completed blacklisting me and ended my active membership in the United Auto
and Aircraft Workers, CIO.  I found work, however, in the "hazardous
trades", where workers were not supposed to have brains enough to be a
problem and there was no blacklist.  I remember also that a delegation from
Hiroshima, led by its mayor visited our house in California in their first
attempt to awaken the conscience of America, and gave us a small tapestry
which I still have, of the atom bomb building ruin, all that remained

Louis Proyect

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