The (Marxian)Planet of the Apes

Julio Pino jpino at
Fri Aug 4 12:50:46 MDT 2000

At 07:31 PM 8/3/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Julio Pino wrote:
>>Wilson, a victim of the Hollywood
>>Blacklist, wrote an adaptation of Pierre Boulle's 1962 novel, "Monkey
>>Planet"....Specifically, Wilson re-wrote the
>story to suit his own left-wing politics.
>Does anyone know anything about Pierre Boulle's politics?
>Dear Kevin: Boulle, a native of Belgium, wrote only one other novel
published in English, "Bridge on the River Kwai." Interestingly, that piece
was transformed for the screen by another Blacklist victim, Carl Foreman,
but since Hollywood still shunned him Boulle(whose politics I can only
guess at by his books) got sole screenwriting credit. Weird, since Boulle
spoke  NO ENGLISH!
Julio Cesar

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