Hobsbawm and the Analitic History

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Fri Aug 4 17:25:38 MDT 2000

En relación a Re: Hobsbawm and  the Analitic History,
el 4 Aug 00, a las 18:17, James M. Blaut dijo:

> I agree with Gary 100%. Hobsbawm is hopeless on thenational question
> and he doesn't understand imperialism.
> In my outofprint book _The National Question: Decolonizing the Theory
> of Nationalism_ (Zed 1987),  chapter  4 is entitled "Hobsbawm on the
> Nation-State." I hit him very hard.

And marvelously. Yes, Hobsbawm's current sayings are a consequence of
his former beliefs. A pity for an intelligent historian.

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