Hobsbawm and the Analitic History

Ivonaldo Neres Leite ivonaldo.leite at SPAMnetc.pt
Fri Aug 4 19:34:03 MDT 2000

> Jim Blaut Wrote
> > I agree with Gary 100%. Hobsbawm is hopeless on thenational question and
> he
> > doesn't understand imperialism.
> >
> > In my outofprint book _The National Question: Decolonizing the Theory of
> > Nationalism_ (Zed 1987),  chapter  4 is entitled "Hobsbawm on the
> > Nation-State."
> > I hit him very hard.
> >
> > Jim Blaut
> >
> > P.S. My book _The Colonizer's Model of the World, Volume 2: Eight
> > Eurocentric Historians_ is coming out this month (Guilford Press, NY). I
> > don't have a chapter on Hobsbawm though I thought of writing one.

 Well, sometimes the people need to read better. Because a fast look
and so the people see things don´t exist. First, my interest is to debate
Hobsbawm's historical method because he continues working whit the Economic
History and valorizing the "big History". He didn´t adhere the intellectual
fashions. Second, a little of modesty is good... Someone can't agree whit
Hobsbawm, but to say he doesn´t understand imperailism or he is an example
of colonialist... Patience! Third,  personal bibliography isn´t
argumentation in a debate.

Ivonaldo Leite

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