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And Argentinian...

It is seldom commented, even in Argentina, that one of the greatest
tango musicians and composers, Juan Carlos Cobián, was a great
admirer and lover of Jazz music. The relations between tango and jazz
are multiple and very interesting, and date back to the early decades
of the 20th. century. In this sense, Astor Piazzola invented nothing,
he just took an underlying current to its highest peak of perfection
(not only him, there are others who are not as famous but are as

And the local "blues" movement in Buenos Aires, (with our Mississipi
Jazz Band, Caoba Jazz Band, Delta Jazz Band) is very strong.  Though
these are "elitist" formations in the sense that they do not have
much popular following, there is one musician who has turned blues
(blues with elementary lyrics in Spanish, but with absolutely
extraordinary music) into a mass phenomenon: Pappo. Praised by B.B.
King himself, Pappo made blues a channel for the feelings of millions
of people in the Greater Buenos Aires, in an unbelievable grassroots
process that brought him to fame through clenched teeth and massive
gatherings of lower middle class and working class followers.

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