Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Sat Aug 5 12:08:27 MDT 2000

Mine: to this list I would add a personal favorite, the Algerian film
"Ramparts of Clay" from 1971(US release date---it is available, but hard to
find, on video).
The film begins with an intriguing quote from Franz Fanon: "The bourgeois
phase of national development is a useless phase."
  The movie is not set in Algeria but in a nameless North African country,
implictly Tunisia. It tells the story of workers at a rock quarry who go on
strike, all seen through the eyes of a Muslim girl---who never once speaks!
Instead the film conveys its political message through music, grunts,
chants etc.
A moving experience.
BTW, what can you tell me about "Yol", which I've heard praised but never
seen? Worth a look ?
Julio Cesar

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