Can a small oppressed country defeat imperialism?

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Sat Aug 5 12:22:35 MDT 2000

   I do think that we should condemn the IRA and the PLO for SURRENDERING
to imperialism (negotiating is a disgusting euphemism).The failure of these
groups to carve out anything more than a bantustan for their peoples shows
why nationalism is a deadend in the Third World unless it has a proletarian
leadership to carry it forward to socialism.
BTW, Fidel implictly criticized Milosovic at the end of the Yugoslav video
game. He said the Cuban army would never have dreamt of surrendering one
inch of national territory without a fight, and since the Yugoslav army was
left largely intact by NATO bombing, luring NATO into a quagmire by sending
in ground troops would have made sense. But, of course, Slobo did not do
this precisely because he is not Fidel; he doesn't have the Yugoslav
working class behind him.
Julio Cesar

>(a) When I spoke of "defeating imperialism" I was thinking exactly in
>your last sentence. I was not thinking of a final military showdown,
>but in the complex, articulate, and fleshy so to say process of the
>construction of a political movement that can lead the country
>against imperialism and, yes, accept negotiations under unfavourable
>conditions (your comments on Palestinians and Arafat point to what I
>(b) There is a problem of decission here. Even if the only
>alternative, as Fidel has put it, is "they can not defeat us, they
>can annihilate us, but they will not defeat us", even in such a case,
>there is no possibility of struggle against imperialism without the
>decission to stand the menace of annihilation. This takes me to my
>third point, for the time being:
>(c) Only through the decission to "fight to the end" can an oppressed
>nation obtain allies, particularly within the oppressor nation.
>_This_ lesson of Viet Nam is, IMHO, a good one. Even though from the
>material point of view the USA were always in a condition to reduce
>Viet Nam to radioactive ashes, it was not only the existence of
>Soviet Russia or Communist China which deterred them (they had an
>importance, though, I am not denying it, but even their support had
>to be won by the evidence that the Vietnamese were resolved to fight
>to the end), it was always the feeling in the USA themselves that
>these repugnant goons were going to fight to the last man, woman or
>child, that they were a nightmare one had to shrug away from the
>In this sense, in this admittedly broad sense, small countries can
>carve their road to the future by struggle. Struggle implying not
>only military confrontation, but also and particularly political
>wrestling. Even this wrestling, however, must be backed by the
>decission that our hero of the Independence war, José de San Martín,
>once stated simply as "You will be what you have to be, or you will
>be nothing".  In the life of peoples and classes as well as in that
>of individuals, nothing is paradoxically more deadly than fear to
>Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
>gorojovsky at

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