Can a small oppressed country defeat imperialism?

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>    I do think that we should condemn the IRA and the PLO for
> to imperialism (negotiating is a disgusting euphemism).The failure
> of these groups to carve out anything more than a bantustan for
> their peoples shows why nationalism is a deadend in the Third World
> unless it has a proletarian leadership to carry it forward to socialism.

We may even be in agreement (though I am softer than you, I try to
see what are the hardships on the road today, and they are not small,
and as regards the PLO the last word has not been said as yet). But
the basic point I want to make is that it is in the course of the
struggle itself that proletarian leadership must win the right to
steer the whole movement, and the only way to do so is to demonstrate
that we are, in spite of all the times we know we shall have to duck
or die, the only ones who actually want to win or die. One cannot
struggle if one is not decided to win, whatever the odds. The basic
idea is a stubborn clinging to the following eight words: "There must
be some way out of here". Even when there isn't, there is a little
chance that we can generate it. And this is the chance through which
history rumbles in.

> Fidel implictly criticized Milosovic at the end of the Yugoslav video
> game. He said the Cuban army would never have dreamt of surrendering
> one inch of national territory without a fight, and since the Yugoslav
> army was left largely intact by NATO bombing, luring NATO into a
> quagmire by sending in ground troops would have made sense. But, of
> course, Slobo did not do this precisely because he is not Fidel; he
> doesn't have the Yugoslav working class behind him. Julio Cesar

Oh, I would not be so sure. The problem, probably, lies elsewhere.
Probably the very Yugoslav working class has not emerged from the
post World War II slumber, (see Kusturica's _ Underground_ and the
pathetic final sequence where, after they are all dead, the Serbians
try to carve out a little paradise in their tiny piece of land
carried away by the river). Perhaps this working class, which has
suffered war in their guts for year after long year, is still
unprepared to understand the deep barbarism of our times. The Cubans
have not even had a single chance to live outside of that barbarism,
which is a grim but clear advantage.

Milosevic is no Fidel, nor a Beograd worker is a Havanna worker. Nor
the conditions for struggle in an encircled island are the same as
the conditions for struggle in an encircled continental country.

I think you have been carried away by your enthusiasm, Julio.

A hug,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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