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Sat Aug 5 15:24:18 MDT 2000

>wow! you become really serious when you outburst Louis! but go for it..

There's something very fishy about this truepeace at It was
supposedly launched by people from the Alternative Information Network
(AIN) that occasionally send me a newsletter called "The Other Israel" that
I crosspost here without comment. That, at least, is the claim on the info
page for truepeace at

But during the 12 hours or so of its existence, there has been absolutely
no presence of anybody who would seem to have the credentials of AIN.
Imagine setting up an email list like this and then walking away on the
very first day. Also, the info page of truepeace at states that it
has 596 subscribers, which strikes me that people were added with very
little rhyme or reason. You don't launch a mailing list with 600 subscribers.

Next, after cursing them out, I received an email from somebody on the list
who had been shanghaied like me. He took offense about my remark about
going over to Israel to give somebody a bloody nose, stating, "I offer you
a challenge to come to Kiryat Arba and assault me. Such an act will allow
you to go home in a body bag (when they find enough of your maggot-sucking
carcass to put in one)." He added that he had no desire to be on mailing
list with Marxists like me. So what kind of progressive mailing list would
include somebody like that to begin with?

The last piece of highly provocative fallout from this list appeared after
I returned from a 20 mile bike ride in Centrala Park. I discovered over 120
(!!!) messages from truepeace at telling me that I had been added
to a "Womens International Net" list at winmagazine at, but when
you go to you will see no evidence of any kind of
progressive politics. In other words, I and everybody on
truepeace at had been the victim of a mail bomb.

Fortunately, I have access to the unix shell at Panix which allows me to
filter this kind of crap into /dev/null. This means that it doesn't even
get downloaded into my Eudora inmail folder.

Now my curiosity is aroused. I am determined to find out who is behind this
and why they did it.

Louis Proyect
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