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En relación a Spam,
el 5 Aug 00, a las 17:12, Louis Proyect dijo:

> >wow! you become really serious when you outburst Louis! but go for
> >it..
> >
> >Mine
> There's something very fishy about this truepeace at It was
> supposedly launched by people from the Alternative Information Network
> (AIN) that occasionally send me a newsletter called "The Other Israel"
> that I crosspost here without comment. That, at least, is the claim on
> the info page for truepeace at
> But during the 12 hours or so of its existence, there has been
> absolutely no presence of anybody who would seem to have the
> credentials of AIN.

Now, "The other Israel" did seem more or less serious. They gave good
info and their position was much better than that of our friend on
marxmail (nobody without a sense of humour -or at least of sarcasm-
can be seriously considered a Marxist, BTW, Marxism being one of the
most ironic philosophies ever coined).

Just in case, couldn't it be that the idiots at "truepeace" made
their mistake, then left for a weekend. Don't forget it is Shabbat
today. Maybe they are Marxistically fastening and going to the
Temple. Those are the ways in Israel more often than not.

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