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Sat Aug 5 16:27:52 MDT 2000

120 SPAM MESSAGES!!!! Geezzz! I would probably get mad and crash the computer. I
could not even stand one insult of private massage last week, so I can see what
you mean.

let us know if you can find out who is behind this..

good luck,


Louis Proyect wrote:

> >The last piece of highly provocative fallout from this list appeared >after
> >I returned from a 20 mile bike ride in Centrala Park. I discovered over >120
> >(!!!) messages from truepeace at telling me that I had >been added
> >to a "Womens International Net" list at winmagazine at, >but when
> >you go to you will see no evidence of any kind >of
> >progressive politics. In other words, I and everybody on
> >truepeace at had been the victim of a mail bomb.
> >Fortunately, I have access to the unix shell at Panix which allows me >to
> >filter this kind of crap into /dev/null. This means that it doesn't even
> >get downloaded into my Eudora inmail folder.
> >Now my curiosity is aroused. I am determined to find out who is >behind this
> >and why they did it.
> >Louis Proyect
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