Greece. Announcement convocation of the 16th Congress of the CPG

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Fri Aug 4 05:44:58 MDT 2000

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> I just received this hysterical rant.
> I am curious as to whether or not anyone can elaborate... I was quite
> impressed with the CPG both during the war and then Clintons visit
> the war. I would be somewhat depressed to hear if even part of this has a
> basis.
> > ...FUCK REALITY!!!
> >
> > After the magnificent collapse of Communist Party's tactics (alliances
> > with the most conservative elements of the political scenery in a
> > so called "peoples front against neoliberalism and imperialism), which
> > resulted a very dissapointing electoral score, greek CP is moving
> > towards a new congress. The preparations for this have allready
> > started with some central members of the party beeing expelled
> > and many others threatened. Of course the political resolution of
> > the new congress will be totaly accepted, since the leadership is
> > trying hard to cover and stop the voices of dissagreement.
> > So the only thing that every true communist must expect from
> > this congress is That the pure base-militants of the party should
> > leave it and search for the new genuine revolutionary alternative
> > Leaving the "always-correct" Leadership of the CPG alone with
> > its new (or not so new) friends, the orthodox church and the
> > greek nationalists.
> >
> > Left Turn Group (greece)
> >

Not so surprising. Methods as described above are quite common within the
Greek CP. I heard similiar stories from Greek comrades. There have been
various splits from the party. Unfortunately most of them went to the right.

Nevertheless the CPG opposed the NATO war in Yugoslavia. But actually within
the Greek society as a whole there was little support for that war.
Furthermore anti-Americanism is quite strong in Greece.

The Left Turn Group is a Trotskyite group criticising the CPG from outside.
If you want to read more on the historical backgrounds check out

Revolutionary History

Vol 3 No 3 Spring 1991
Trotskyism and Stalinism in Greece


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