Please, no kudos for female genital circumcision

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> > I am sure male circumcision is as bad, but it, at least, does not
> >have the same psychological and sexual repercussions on men as it
> >does on women.
> No :-(  It's not one thousandth as bad.  :-( Male circumcision removes
> some skin which serves no real function and doesn't have very many
> nerve endings in it.  Furthermore it is mostly performed on infants,
> and there are arguments that it actually has some medical use.  The
> operation analogous to clitoridectomy would be penectomy, not
> circumcision.

In agreement with one caveat. No medical reason at all. It is a
barbaric practice inherited from the Darkest Ages. All that "medical
use" thing is simply bs. By the way, male circumcission has results
in the end, since the tegument that has no nervous terminals protects
the areas which are rich in terminals. Once the tegument is
elliminated, these areas keep exposed and lose part of their

On the other hand there are different forms of female circumcission.
There are forms in which there is no clitoridean ablation, but these
forms are equally aberrant.

Attacks of sexuality and on healthy sex life are always linked to
some kind of oppression, of exploitation, or other.  Circumcissions,
sexual taboos, praise of celibacy, penalization of abortion, all of
these are conveyors of class rule and hatred into our own bodies.

We shall rule them out of life the day we come to power, and we
should fight them with all our strength while that day comes. No
defence of  "traditional culture" can deter us. And I am speaking
from a Third World perspective. There is still something good in the
so justly maligned tradition of the Enlightenment, and this is one of
the moments when this good side appears.

No kudos at all!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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