Please, no kudos for female genital circumcision

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at
Sun Aug 6 10:04:38 MDT 2000

Well, My first reaction was that my blood boiled over, and could do
nothing best than spurt rage. Now, I want to stress a couple of more
serious issues.

Mine has shown on her e-mail that

(a) there is a clear relation between sexual mutilations and
conservatism.  This is not a matter of chance, as even the most anti-
Freudian of our American comrades will certainly agree to accept.

The transformation of free individuals into acquiescent subjects,
particularly in societies where the process of reification has not
advanced because the commodity relation is not the basic cell of
human life, finds one of its main avenues in the imposition of
physical ablations on those parts of the body directly linked with
creation (biologically these parts of the body are the place where
the species activelly "works" to re-create itself once and again as a
species), and thus with desire  and pleasure.

These practices include the (obviously less harmful in the physical
sense) ideological ablations of Christian sexual morality, which turn
the only moment when humans are in unity with themselves as an
individual and as a species (Marx, _Grundrisse_) into a despicable
and dirty source of sin and perdition.

Even "sexually free" Western societies today still reject to consider
this side of the issue, and at most reduce sexual life to either a
commodified relation between individuals or a "normal necessity",
such as breathing, or... defecation. In so doing, the importance of
sexuality for individual and social life is turned into a banal
thing, which can be traded the way Marx spoke of the French
bourgeoisie's sexual uses under Napoleon le Petit: through
generalized prostitution.

These are different examples of a simple and only attitude: the
harnessing of individual abilities to the necessities of exploitation
through destruction in the mind of the individual of the basic
creative strengths of human deep psichology. What strikes us as
tremendous in mutilation is that they display, materially so to say,
the social intentionality of sexual repression.

We are facing a girl killed through a barbaric intervention. We face
thousands of girls killed through septic abortion all over Latin
America. But even if these practices were not deadly, even if they
were not ridden with class difference (something Mine also shows very
well: in my own country, rich women abort in cozy environments and
expensive clinics, poor women abort with knitting needles; if this is
not class war, I don't know what is), even if they were not -as they
are- sustained by the most reactionary sections of population, we
should still oppose them.

Whatever practice that tends to stiffle individual creativity is anti-
socialist, no matter if it has been brought down to us by centuries
and centuries of social history. Class rule has also been brought
down to us by those same centuries, and we know it has become a
curse. Genital ablations, either physical or psichologycal, are the
individual counterpart of class rule.

On this, Wilhelm Reich was absolutely right. _TOO_ right for his
mental sanity, perhaps. But he was right.

When the Victorian bourgeois claimed that socialists would impose
free love, they were right.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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